10 Tips to Nail Business Travels

Traveling for business is great, no matter how demanding it gets, you always get to experience something new. But when you are traveling for more than 20 hours every week, all you want is the comfort of your own bed and some down time with yourself. However, you can turn this around by following these 10 simple tips that will make your business trips an easy breeze. Just a few fixes to your daily routine and you are all set to conquer the world one trip at a time.

Book non-stop flights
It may seem like an obvious choice but sometimes people end up choosing flights with multiple layovers to save a few bucks. Opting for a layover works if you are taking a vacation and have time on your hands to spare. During those times, a multi-city flight option sounds good because you get to explore more places. But while traveling for business, your priority is to get to your destination, wrap up your work and head back home, because the work week is probably not over for you. Non-stop flights give you more time to have a quick escapade at your destination city, while getting your work done at the same time.

Don’t lug your luggage
Having a bag with everything that you could possibly needs sounds good, but when you are traveling for business, time is on top most priority. Carrying a huge luggage would only slow you down and tire you out in the process. The trick that most business flyers swear by, is a well packed cabin baggage. A backpack or a saddle bag to carry your laptop and documents, along with a cabin suitcase to keep all your clothes work the best. A backpack or a laptop bag is essential as they allow you to carry your things in an organized manner while walking into a business meeting.

DIY Travel Kit
When you have been traveling for quite a while, you know that emergency situations arise at the most unwanted time. Prepare yourself early on with your own travel kit. There are brands that sell prepacked travel kits, but you know yourself better. Your needs won’t be the same as the ones anticipated by these brands. Pack a kit with the medicines that react well with your body, tissues, and ear plugs. Carrying your skin care products in travel sized bottles is also recommended.

Pack Neutral Colors
Packing light colors and neutrals gives you the freedom to mix and match. This helps you repeat the same clothes, but come up with different outfits using them. Such colors work well in a professional setting as they have a certain sophistication about them. Packing a sweater is a definite recommendation as flights can get cold sometimes. However, you can also replace the sweater with a casual blazer that will keep you warm, and you can also use it for one of your business meets.

Juice Up Your Electronics
One of the main downsides of traveling for long hours is that your electronics tend to lose battery faster, as you are bound to use them more. While another downside being, the destination you are traveling to might not have the same plug points as your home country. Make sure you avoid getting into a situation where you have to go around frantically searching for a plug point that works for you. Carry universal chargers, juice up your portable charger and make sure your phone has battery at all times in case you have to contact anyone.

Sleep Essentials
Traveling usually takes a toll on our sleep cycle because we either don’t get enough sleep, or we don’t get a comfortable sleep. Both of which will eventually tire you out and affect your health. It is mandatory that our body gets enough rest and to make sure that you cover up on your sleep, carry whatever helps you fall asleep faster. An eye mask, your favorite neck pillow, your bedtime book, it could be anything. These little things give your mind a sense of comfort and helps you fall asleep faster as your mind feels at ease with its surroundings.

Hotels Over Airbnb’s
Vacations call for a chilled out AirBnb, but while you are out for work, hotels are your best friends. They give you the ease of location and room service. Both important to make your business trip an easy breeze. The convenience of location allows you to get around faster and more efficiently. While room service takes away the stress of figuring out what to eat and where to go after a long day. You can just order in and relax. AirBnb’s are great for traveling in groups as they give you ample of space and are relatively cheaper for longer stays as compared to hotels.

Eat Healthy
Whenever we are traveling, we often keep our health in the back of our minds and tend to overindulge. Which is great while you are taking a vacation because that’s what a vacation is all about. But when you travel for business, you need to keep yourself in the best of health. Carrying energy bars and ordering healthier options for your meals are just steps to keep your diet in check. You can also eat local but make sure you look at the hygiene. Eating local does not only mean street food. You can eat their local cuisine at a good restaurant too.

Eat On Time
One of the biggest downsides of traveling often is the jet lag. Jet lag is real and tiring, it makes you exhausted and there is very little you can do about it. But one of the tricks to cure jet lag is hidden inside your meals. Eating according to the local time causes a chain of reactions in your body. It starts adjusting to the local time faster and the jet lag starts to fade. If you can, start eating on the local time before you get to the destination.

Join a Rewards Program
Take advantage of your corporate travel to gain points or miles on your airline, hotel or travel credit card of choice. They come with a lot of benefits and when you are a frequent flyer, these benefits come to good use. Airport lodging, seat upgrades, preferred flights, all of these come under rewards program. Most airlines provide lounges with plenty of food, outlets and quiet spaces to spend your time in while you wait for your flight.

Business travel is a tiring ordeal for many people, whether it’s dealing with different time zones, crappy hotels or work, it can bring you down. But it’s a part of life and you can turn it around to one of the most rewarding time. Traveling lets you immerse yourself in new cultures, learn different things and experience the world. Follow these 10 simple to make the best out of your business trips and they won’t feel like work anymore.

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