Fast facts

Size:435 km2
Location: Tanzania
Scenery / Features: farming and fishing villages, lush coconut plantations and dense forests of baobabs, mangos and cashews.
Wildlife Includes: rainbow-colored clownfish to octopus, rays and the odd gigantic grouper to sharks and dolphins
Best time to visit: All over the year. However, October-March are favorable to witness Whale Sharks

Truly a paradise in the Indian Ocean, Mafia island is located just a 130km away from Dar es Salaam. Although, often overshadowed by the popularity of Zanzibar, Mafia Island remains virtually undiscovered by tourists.

Picturesque white sand beaches and the crystal-clear waters of the island makes it a favorable spot for scuba diving, deep sea fishing and snorkeling.
Between the months of October and March, one can indulge in the truly magical experience of swimming with Whale Sharks.

Not only that, to date over 50 genera of corals, more than 460 species of fish and five different species of turtles have been recorded in the waters round
Chole Bay.