Rubondo Island National Park is one of two Tanzanian National Parks located on an island in
Lake Victoria. The island attracts a small number of visitors each year, mainly game fishermen and bird

Fast facts

Size: Rubondo is 237 km2 in size. The island protects another 11 islets, not bigger thanr than 2 km2. These 10 islands form the Rubondo Island National Park covering an area of 456.8 km2
Location: south-western corner of Lake Victoria, Tanzania
Scenery / Features:Grassland and some acacia. The lake is formed by papyrus-swamps in the western shore and rocky areas and sandy beaches form the eastern shore.
Wildlife Includes: A variety of water birds , African grey parrots, African fish eagles, Sitatunga, Elephants, Giraffes, Hippos, Bushbucks, Pythons, Crocodiles,Chimpanzees (not fully habituated), Bush pigs and Suni
Best time to visit: Rubondo offers a pleasant climate throughout the year with humidity primarily in the forests that covers the majority of the park, the most comfortable months are June through September.