Parisian Escapades for the Whole Family!

Parisian Escapades for the Whole Family!

Paris and romance often go hand in hand, but the city is also surprisingly kid friendly. In addition to must-visit landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, and Notre Dame, here are a few of the best activities to enjoy with your kids (and you can join in too!)

1. Kasia Dietz Painting Workshop:

Fuel your child’s love for drawing with a private bag-painting workshop at Kasia Dietz’s cozy studio. Watch their creativity blossom with expert tips from Kasia herself!

2. La Cuisine Paris – eclairs – Choux pastry:

Indulge your kids in the joy of crafting sweet delights with guidance from La Cuisine Paris pastry chefs. There’s nothing sweeter than creating treats with the experts themselves. Watch them create lasting memories and skills as they dive into the dough!

3. Jardin du Luxembourg:

Boasting lawns, tree-lined paths, and tennis courts, it offers a serene environment. Children can sail model boats, enjoy puppet shows, dance to music, or play in the fenced playground near the apple and pear orchards!

4. THATmuse:

Discover a unique experience at the Louvre Museum with THATmuse – Abbreviation for Treasure Hunt At The Museum – game among its renowned artworks. Limited to 10 people per group, teams compete to capture photos with as many ‘treasures’ as they can, all while learning and engaging with the art. After 90 minutes, scores are tallied, and prizes awarded.