Burnese Oberland main picture

Roaming Burnese Oberland’s scenic wonders!

Roaming Burnese Oberland’s scenic wonders!

A journey to Switzerland’s Bern – Bernese Oberland, where every turn
reveals breathtaking views, majestic mountains, unspoiled nature, glistening lakes,
charming villages, and warm hospitality. This region encapsulates the very essence of
Switzerland, inviting you to explore its wonders in every season.

1. Aare Gorge:

Explore, sense, and immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of a natural wonder – Safely encountering the marvels of geology and glaciology as you
traverse tunnels and cross footbridges!

2. First Cliff Walk:

Conquer your fear of heights and have a thrilling climb on this
hanging, elevated walkway that wraps the cliffs of the First Mountain!

3. Lake Bachalpsee:

Whether you choose to traverse the scenic hiking trails or
ascend via the picturesque cable car, the tranquil landscape of Lake Bachalpsee
unfolds before you. With a magnificent backdrop of the Swiss Alps and enveloped by lush wildflowers, the view is truly enhanced when experienced firsthand.

4. Burnese villages:

From experiencing the powerful Trümmelbach Falls to strolling
through the charming resort town of Interlaken and enjoying the scenic views of
Lauterbrunnen, Burnese villages offer a multitude of enchanting experiences!