Porto city

Top attractions in Porto, Portugal!

Top attractions in Porto, Portugal!

As the distinguished 2023 leading destination in Europe, awarded by the World Travel Awards, Porto claims the title of leading city break destination 2023 as well (also recognized by the World Travel Awards). With its rich cultural heritage, enchanting landscapes, and renowned production of world-famous Port wine, here, we present the top attractions in Porto!

1. Riberia:

Must-visit old city district by the Douro valley. Take a rabelo boat across
the river, admire the Luíz I, D. Maria II, and Arrábida bridges for great photo
backdrops, explore the Bacalhoeiros Wall, Casa do Infante museum, Rua da
Reboleira, Cubo square, São Nicolau Church, and the ‘Alminhas da Ponte’ sculpture by artist Teixeira da Lopes. Lastly, enjoy a heartfelt meal while you are at it!

2. Spot the Azulejos:

Azulejos are traditional Portuguese ceramic tiles known for
their beautiful blue and white designs. In Porto, these tiles can be found adorning
various buildings, including churches (like the Capela das Almas – The most
photographed!) homes, and train stations (start at São Bento where 20,000 hand
painted tiles are displayed!) They often depict intricate patterns, historical scenes,
and religious motifs.

3. Witness the beautiful sunset from Dom Luis I Bridge:

The cities’ most iconic double-deck iron bridge spans the Douro River, connecting
Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia. As the sun descends on the horizon, the bridge offers a
stunning vantage point for capturing the radiant hues of the sunset casting a warm
glow over the river, the historic Ribeira district, and the numerous port wine cellars!

4. Indulge in Porto’s classic sandwich! The Francesinha:

The Francesinha sandwich has striking flavors and varied textures that require
quality ingredients and a carnivorous appetite! Be sure not to miss this classic dish!